The Ribbon Heel

This is supplemental information for the working of The Unapologetic Knitters' Short Row Heel featured in many of my sock patterns.

I developed this heel after years of being frustrated with holes in my heels. Not the holes that are a result of wear and tear on the socks but rather holes left from the standard Wrap & Turn short row heel. That's not to say that the standard Wrap and Turn heel isn't great. It' absolutely is. It's a failing in my own knitting ability that leaves holes and gaps and makes me all pouty.

The beauty of the Ribbon Heel, in my opinion, is that there's no wraps to keep track of and no holes. At least not in my work. I call it the Ribbon Heel because I think the stitches, as their picked up and twisted to close any gaps, look like the Awareness Ribbons that are so prolific in today's fundraising field. 

So, you've followed the pattern and worked your short rows. Now you want to turn the heel and pick up the stitches. And your scratching your head wondering what on earth I'm talking about. Well hopefully these two videos will clear things up for you a bit and from here on out you'll want to use this technique for all of your heels that require short rows.

** Please excuse the video quality as I'm not a professional videographer. I'm making due with what I have. Also ignore the dreadful state of my nails. When I first shot these I'd just had a manicure. Two weeks later it doesn't look nearly as nice.**

With Right Side Facing You

With Wrong Side Facing You


Here is a supplemental video about finishing the Ribbon Short Row Heel. There has been some confusion regarding finishing the heel while working the last unworked stitch on the right hand side of the heel (i.e.: where the instructions say "with the wrong side facing"). Hopefully this video clears it up. Again, I beg your forgiveness of my poor video skills.

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